Cost of living: New £ 500million household support fund offers silver lining



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At the end of the leave program, the government announced a new £ 500million household support fund. This is good news for those who felt the leave scheme should be extended, especially with rising energy bills and the end of the £ 20 weekly universal credit supplement.

The fund aims to support families struggling with the cost of living as coronavirus support programs end.

What is the Household Assistance Fund?

Vulnerable households continue to need government support as we take the final stages of recovery from the pandemic. The government has announced a new £ 500million support fund to help these households meet the cost of food, utility bills and other daily needs. The fund is expected to operate over the winter, with no specific end date yet announced.

In England, the fund will be distributed by local councils because they know their territory best. The money is expected to be made available to local authorities later in October.

Barnett’s formula will be used by the Scottish government, the Welsh government and the Northern Ireland executive. Decentralized administrations will receive up to £ 79million of the £ 500million (£ 41million for the Scottish government, £ 25million for the Welsh government and £ 14million for the NI executive).

What are vulnerable households?

According to decent housing in the private annex, “Vulnerable households are defined as those who receive means-tested or disability-related allowances. For example, income support / housing allowance, municipal tax allowance, disability tax credit, income-based jobseeker’s allowance, tax credit for working families, attendance allowance, allowance subsistence allowance for disabled people, work accidents, invalidity allowance and war invalidity pension.

Am I eligible for the Household Support Fund?

If your household is considered vulnerable, then you may be eligible for the Household Support Fund. However, you may need to contact your local council for more information, including how to access the fund.

Note that families with children may receive additional help. The government has doubled free childcare services for working parents. As a result, you could receive up to £ 5,000 per child each year!

The government has also increased the value of Healthy Start vouchers to help vulnerable pregnant women or disadvantaged women with children under the age of four buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

How much will eligible households receive?

The government has yet to release much information. However, it is clear that you will need to contact your town hall for more details.

The site explains, ‘The new Household Support Fund will support millions of households in England and will be distributed by councils in England, who know their local areas best and can directly help those who need it most, including for example, through small grants to meet daily needs such as food, clothing and utilities.

It is also up to the decentralized administrations to determine how to allocate the Household Support Fund in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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