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Gold and Silver Price Update: Gold and silver prices were released on the Indian gold market on Wednesday. The price of gold and silver continues to fall. Where 10 grams of 999 purity gold is sold for Rs 50822 today, meanwhile, one kg of silver has become Rs 54106 today.

Gold and silver prices are published twice a day. According to quotes released this morning, 995 purity gold is being bought today for Rs 50,619. The price of ten grams of 916 purity gold has fallen to Rs 46,553. 750 is sold for Rs 38117 Apart from that, if we talk about 585 purity gold, its price has risen to Rs 29731 today.

Meanwhile, one kg of 999 purity silver is sold today for Rs 54106.

How much has the price of gold and silver fallen?

Talking about the price of gold and silver, ten grams of 999 purity gold has become cheaper by Rs 89 today, while 995 purity gold has become cheaper by Rs 88 today .

Apart from this, if we talk about 916 purity gold, then it has decreased by Rs 81. On the other hand, ten grams of 750 purity gold has become cheaper by Rs 66 today.

There was also a fall in the price of 585 purity gold. Today it is cheaper by Rs 52. The price of 999 purity silver has fallen by Rs 621 per kg.

There is a way to measure the purity of jewelry. There are many types of marks related to the hallmark. Thanks to these marks, the purity of the jewelry can be recognized. It has a scale ranging from one carat to 24 carats. 22 karat gold is used to make jewelry. It is mandatory to affix a hallmark on the jewelry. 24 karat gold is pure gold, 999 marks will be written on it.

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