Gold and silver prices Delhi, August 17: Gold and silver prices fall further




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The price of gold in the nation’s capital on Wednesday slipped from Rs 53 to Rs 52,340 per 10 grams amid falling international precious metal prices and an appreciation of the rupee, according to HDFC Securities. In previous trade, the yellow metal closed at Rs 52,393 per 10 grams, according to a PTI report.

Silver also declined by Rs 256 to Rs 57,957 per kg from Rs 58,213 per kg in the previous trade. The rupee appreciated 44 paise to 79.30 against the US dollar in Wednesday’s opening session, mainly due to inflows of foreign funds, the PTI report added.

In the international market, gold was trading lower at USD 1,772 per ounce while silver was flat at USD 19.96 per ounce.

Why should gold be a good investment bet for investors?
Gold has become a valuable commodity for investors around the world for generations. Gold has been widely used in the form of a currency. Gold has become a symbol of the rich and powerful in world history.

The long-term value of the yellow metal specifies its constancy and demand over time. Gold has already become one of the safest investment options for investors. This is because it can effectively recover its value when a country faces economic collapse.

The value of gold regularly moves in the opposite direction to the stock markets.

Whenever investor confidence is shaken, gold prices rise as shocked investors crave a safe place. Whenever an economy faces inflation, gold becomes the safe haven because it can easily hold its value better than other currency-backed assets that can skyrocket but fall in value.

When you buy gold, it is not the same as buying stocks or bonds. Anyone can get gold coins or gold bars to take physical ownership of the yellow metal. You can easily spot the purity level and the amount of gold in the bullion as it is stamped on it.

The value of gold continues to fluctuate throughout the day and will never stay the same. Its value is determined by the gold content of the item instead of its rarity or condition.

You can buy gold from several banks and brokerage firms. You can also buy the precious metal from gold mining stocks, exchange traded funds or ETFs for safe investing. If you buy a gold-backed ETF, you are buying shares of a trust that owns gold but has no rights to the gold itself.

You can also invest in digital gold as its popularity is growing quite rapidly. Digital gold also gives you the best of both worlds. By investing in digital gold, you can gain exposure to gold prices without owning the precious metal.

You will also get alternatives to turn gold into physical gold whenever requirements arise.

You will come across many gold saving programs run effectively by several reputable jewelers. Here you can invest a specific amount monthly and exchange it for yellow metal jewelry at maturity.

You can also benefit from some discounts also offered by the jeweler. This option has become very advantageous for those who plan to buy jewelry in the upcoming period for the wedding or other functions. This will allow you to start saving gold in advance.

Many jewelers have already started offering online options for investing in these programs where you can invest from the comfort of your own home.

Gold has become a safe investment option for dozens of people around the world. It not only provides financial security, but also mental security.

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