Hulu announces price hike for live TV subscriptions, but there’s a silver lining



If you are a Hulu + Live TV subscriber, your monthly bill will increase soon.

But it could save you a bit of money in the long run.

Hulu has unveiled a new pricing strategy that will increase the base subscription cost of its live TV package, but it is adding bonus subscriptions that will be included in your new monthly price.

Disney + and ESPN + will now be included with a subscription to live TV via Hulu. Previously, you had to pay extra to receive this bundle of streaming services with your live TV.

Here’s what we know about the upcoming changes and when you can expect to see adjustments to your billing.

Hulu + Live TV to increase monthly subscription price in December 2021

Starting December 21, 2021, Hulu + Live TV customers will see a $ 5 per month increase in their subscription price.

This means that users who pay $ 64.99 per month for the basic live TV streaming package will soon have to $ 69.99, and those who pay $ 70.99 per month to get the ad-free version of Hulu with their live television package will pay $ 75.99.

Hulu + Live TV subscription plan Existing price New price from December 21, 2021
Hulu + Live TV $ 64.99 $ 69.99
Hulu (no ads) + live TV $ 70.99 $ 75.99

New users can still subscribe to existing prices, but Hulu’s website already has a warning acknowledging the upcoming price hike:

New Hulu + Live TV price will include Disney + and ESPN +

So your Hulu + Live TV bill goes up: it stinks. But it is possible that it will save you money.

That’s because the $ 5 price increase will include a Disney + and ESPN + subscription, according to a report by Vaierty.

These services, along with the Hulu on-demand service, are currently offered as a standalone subscription called “The Disney Bundle” for $ 13.99 per month.

So this new pricing will effectively include the full Disney package with your Live TV subscription.

Disney set

If you were already paying for the Disney Bundle in addition to your Hulu + Live TV subscription, your monthly bill may actually go down to $ 9 per month due to these changes. It is reported that you will automatically see this change if your accounts are all under the same email address. You might want to check with Hulu to be sure this will happen for your account with no further action required in December.

For those of you new to Disney +, this is an on-demand streaming service that costs $ 7.99 per month. Launched in 2019, it offers a wide variety of content, including original Disney movies, shows and content from popular brands such as Star Wars and Marvel. You can read more about it in Team Clark’s review here.

As for ESPN +, this service costs $ 6.99 per month as a standalone product and offers live sports streaming for leagues like MLB, NHL, and MLS, as well as select college football, basketball and baseball events. . This subscription will come in addition to the games that you will get on traditional ESPN channels which are included in the Hulu + Live TV subscription.

Final thoughts

Accounts of this price change may vary across the internet, but it really boils down to this: Hulu is essentially making the Disney Bundle mandatory for live TV streamers in the future.

Until now, you had the option of adding these products as a discounted package to your live TV streaming bill. Now you will pay an additional $ 5 per month and have access to the plan whether you want it or not.

For some users, this is going to be an annoying price increase in an industry that seems to like to raise prices.

For others, it’ll actually be a way to cut streaming costs by getting the Disney package for a lower monthly price.

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