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VARANASI: Despite legendary literati and poets hailing from Azamgarh, the neighborhood has been in the limelight for the wrong reasons, including terror linked to some of its young people. However, that is all about to change as the district will soon have a university to meet the academic needs of young people not only in Azamgarh, but also in neighboring districts.
With the laying of the foundations of the university by Union Home Minister Amit Shah in the presence of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on November 13, construction will begin on approximately 50 acres of land with a budget. over 108 crore rupees. The university will become operational by June 2023.

Site map of the proposed university
Establishing a university has been a demand of the people of Azamgarh for decades, because although it is a hub of higher education institutes, the colleges here were affiliated with the University of Gorakhpur and later in Jaunpur. “Fortunately, the government understood the need and decided to establish a university here, which will provide advanced study opportunities for local young people,” said Umar Siddaqui, senior researcher at Shibli Academy.
According to Divisional Commissioner Azamgarh Vijay Vishwas Pant, the Union Home Minister and the CM will perform the foundation laying rituals of the proposed university in the Azam Bandh region on November 13. “They will later see an exhibition of the model of the proposed university campus. “he said, adding:” They will also be speaking at a public meeting at the same location on this occasion. ”
Providing details of the project, Azamgarh District Magistrate Rajesh Kumar said, “The decision to establish a university in Azamgarh was taken by the CM in March 2019, after which 49.42 acres of land were developed in the region of Azam Bandh. The cost of the approved project is Rs 108.05 crore and PWD has been commissioned to execute it with the aim of completing it in 18 months from the laying of the foundation.
Giving details on the structure of the university, Gyan Prakash Verma, Regional Head of Higher Education in Varanasi, said: “The number of state universities in UP is 18, including three residential universities in Lucknow, Kanpur and Gorakhpur and two for distance education. The CM had announced three universities for Aligarh, Saharanpur and Azamgarh. The upcoming university in Azamgarh will also be an affiliated university. About 400 colleges, including 247 from Azamgarh and 153 from the Mau district will be affiliated with it. These 400 colleges have a base of 2.66 lakh students.
“Colleges will continue to hold regular classes,” Verma said, adding: “On its own campus, the proposed university will offer professional studies related to skills development in black pottery, terracotta, food processing and agro- industry, dairy technology, nursing, pharmacy and hand weaving in accordance with the 2020 National Education Policy. It will also include a school of advanced learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.
Meanwhile, the news has thrilled almost all sections of society in a politically dynamic Azamgarh. Social worker Dr Piyush Yadav said: “The district has been associated with Maharshi Durvasa. It has also nurtured a number of legendary literati, poets and academicians including the Hindi travelogue Rahul Sankrityayan, Acharya Ramchandra Shukla, Shibli Nomani, Kaifi Azami, among others.
He added: “He has also been represented by politicians with criminal backgrounds and some of his youth have been associated with terrorist groups, the links came to light after the Batla House meeting in 2008 at the university, but his image was also distorted. From now on, a university will change its negative perception.

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