Manipulation of the money market is your way



You may feel like a victim knowing that you are participating in a manipulated market, or you may jump for joy knowing that it is giving you an edge. The choice is yours. Blaming trading losses on external circumstances does not make you a better participant in the market. Instead, any anomalies like the opening and closing of a market, pre-announced press releases, or in this case a repeated pattern of market manipulation can be used in your favor. Trying to find fairness and equality within the markets is illusory. Markets reflect human behavior and as such all humans have fear and greed and their variants run deep within them.

Manipulation of the money market is your way.

The only chance to participate in a rigged game and get away with it is to beat them in their own game. One way to put the odds in your favor is to recognize patterns within markets, and market manipulation. is that a model.

We are confident that prices will reach new all-time highs by the end of the year. We also believe in a high probability that silver prices will hit near triple-digit price points. And we know that just knowing the direction and the goals doesn’t mean that we arrive at these prices with one position intact or one position at all.

Here are some examples of what we mean.

The minefield

Money in US Dollars Daily Chart as of May 13

We have tried to illustrate that a single event in the chart characteristics could point to volatility or other characteristics of the trading instruments on the daily chart above. The sum of all variances of the Silver events, although this is clearly intended to deter the investor and short-term traders. Typically the Daily Delay is the entry delay for longer term games like weekly and monthly delay setups. It is difficult to find suitable low risk entry points. Here are the obstacles for the market participant to enter the market:

  • Dark cloud cover and bullish engulfing candlestick patterns are generally much rarer extreme reversal patterns.
  • each range has its ups and downs which can be described as “looking for stops” (orange boxes)
  • the amount of yellow wicks shows general volatility and challenges for low risk stop placement
  • consistent model failures
  • 70-90 percent tracking day retracement levels are out of range
  • rare but extreme trending days, whatever the market

Just to name a few.

But that’s not all

Hourly Silver Chart in US Dollars as of May 13
Hourly Silver Chart in US Dollars as of May 13

Since our post on Identity Theft Activity in the Money Market, we have worked hard on identifying various intraday market behaviors that are atypical to typical behavior in the market as a whole and in the marketplace. silver market in particular. Our results confirmed that individual patterns are not uncommon, but the simple sum of patterns is certainly not normal.

A look at the above 60-minute intraday chart, a period entry tool often used for daily and weekly period setups, concerns:

  • Every extreme fades away.
  • Inversion patterns dominate the field.
  • The lows of the previous days are being pulled over for saves.
  • The ranges are increased so that the stops are hit in both directions.
  • Range extensions occur in both directions.

And all this by observing just a few days ago. There is much more.

The treatment

Money in 60 Minute US Dollar Chart as of May 13
Money in 60 Minute US Dollar Chart as of May 13

So what can we do? Instead, let’s focus on solutions rather than a minefield of obstacles. The most predominant patterns we found were volume and time based. A market of this thickness cannot stand the manipulation through the significant activity of the unfolding world market hours. Movements fade out artificially mainly before the Asian session opens and the UK market opens for silver. To protect your risk, you must enter the market at the following time slot and counter the fade: 8:30 p.m. EST to 9:30 p.m. EST. We have found this time segment to be the least risky when used in conjunction with our Quad Exit Strategy, which mitigates risk by taking half of the table position shortly after entry.

The graph illustrates with green and red horizontal lines that on each day at the same time an imminent movement follows to allow this first risk elimination target to be reached. It also shows that the volume increases at this point to justify more real movement compared to previous artificial fades. We also suggest trading small and building a long term position from riders instead (again, check out our Quad Exit Strategy).

Additionally, we do not recommend scalping and frequent intraday trading. Instead, we find stepping away from the noise and trading monthly charts is a smart way to protect wealth. The safest way to participate in the silver market is to accumulate physical assets.

Manipulation of the money market is your way

Money in US Dollars Daily Chart as of May 14
Money in US Dollars Daily Chart as of May 14

Choose your locations wisely. Overtrading in minefield conditions is a high risk. A top-down approach from a longer-term directional perspective should guide when to enter the market. The daily chart above shows one of those substantial directional supports. When prices hit the green line again (linear regression channel), the 60 minute entry strategy based on time of day (8:30 p.m. EST to 9:30 p.m. EST) and a keen eye on your volume bars are essential. to participate in a risky way to get a piece of the pie.

One more thing ! It is much more efficient to work with a volume based support measure tool (yellow line) for transactional support compared to TA tools typical of horizontal support and resistance lines.

Manipulation of the money market is your way

Participation in the market is a never-ending path of overcoming obstacles and the development of skills that are difficult to acquire in a challenging profession. Market manipulation is as old as time. Complaining about this only benefits your ego. Rather, taking the role of a detective and examining the market with curiosity for the complexity of its rules or, in this case, manipulated rules and then constructing a set of rules in opposition that offers advantages for your market games is one approach. more appropriate.

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