Mental Charge Lockdown: The Unexpected Silver Lining.



The unforeseen endless weekends are going to be what I miss the most – the lack of waiting to attend this event, wear it, buy that gift, or visit that person.

There was NO PRESSURE. Just endless weekends doing whatever you want. To be honest, it was really liberating.

2. Walks with family and friends.

Getting my little one back used to his stroller was a great way to start the day. When once upon a time we rushed to daycare, or arrived on time for the first of three shots, now we have coffee and a babycino before heading to the playground or the beach.

Likewise, I would always meet up with my friends for breakfast, dinner or a drink. Walking or swimming dates have been such a great way to socialize. In addition, it is much better for the budget!

3. Cooking more at home.

More time at home means more time to cook. For the first time in my life I started using my Thermomix and my slow cooker and not sure what I was doing with my life before ???

Plus, I’m so sick of my Uber Eats options that eggs on toast are now a perfectly acceptable dinner choice.

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4. Take a lunch break.

As an extrovert, I would spend my lunch break at the desk at my desk, shopping online or minding about life, chatting with my office neighbor, or procrastinating talking about The single person in the kitchen. I never used it wisely.

Being stuck alone in front of my screen taught me that it’s best to interrupt the day by walking away from my desk. Going for a swim, walking or just sitting in the sun reading a book is a game-changer.

5. No housework while working at home.

My mistake at the start of the lockdown was trying to be really efficient by cramming my household and work responsibilities into every nook and cranny of my day. Every minute had to be taken into account. 10 minutes free before my next appointment? Great, it’s time to take out the laundry! My lunch break? The “perfect” moment to peel and dice all of the dinner ingredients. I felt like I didn’t have a second of my own and it was stressful. No more.

6. See a few sunrises a week.

Not having to go out at 7 am every day gave me a lot more time in the morning. I have seen more sunrises in the past four months than in my entire life. They are addicting and I won’t be stopping that anytime soon.

Has confinement relieved the pressures of the mental load for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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