Miami Silver Lining – Constructive Observations Thread (Reviews)



Another fall Saturday and another reminder of the downfall of this Virginia Tech football program. I suspected the post Frank Beamer era (I don’t know how long I had planned) would be a struggle, but I didn’t think the bottom would fall. We’ve all discussed ad-nauseam why we’re where we are, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter. What matters now is how we get up. So let’s collectively highlight all the silver linings and constructive (critical) observations of yesterday’s game. Below are a few of me:

Defense: Mansor Delane and Jalen Stromen are probably the two brightest points in the entire defense, and they’re both freshmen. Something to lean on? Apart from that, we simply have a glaring lack of talent.

Offense: Honestly, not much on a positive note, but the first ride looked promising. Unfortunately, the combination of pre-snap penalties (here’s your Parker), poor clock management, horrible OL play and WR group inconsistency derails nearly every drive.

Special teams: Phew… we need a bettor.

Overall I watched a good chunk of the Duke vs UNC game and it was disheartening. Our coaching staff simply needs to be better and there are no two ways to achieve this. All of the issues mentioned above which are controllable things have not improved and we have 7 games into the season – if we had seen improvement on these issues it is likely that we would be leading one or of the three ODU, Pitt & Miami Games and we would all feel a little better about the situation we have.

If I were the coaching staff, I would take the rest of the season to get as many promising youngsters on the pitch as possible. It’s clear we’re not going to win another game with these lingering toxic little issues that have infected the team.

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