Mozel Sanders finds silver lining despite Thanksgiving changes



INDIANAPOLIS — A Thanksgiving tradition for more than 50 years will be done a little differently this year.

But the folks at Mozel Sanders are still hoping to spread holiday cheer despite a change in main course on Thanksgiving Day.

Due to the cost of turkey and supply chain issues, the nonprofit decided to serve chicken instead of turkey.

“Supply chain issues, bird flu, war in Ukraine, anything you can think of,” said Stephen Sanders. “Only the price of turkey has gone up. The price of everything, really.

Mozel Sanders always finds a bright spot to provide meals to anyone in need on Thanksgiving Day.

“We are Hoosiers doing what we do,” Sanders said. “Feeding the hungry, helping young children (and) trying to provide everything.”

Finding the bright spot can be tricky this time of year.

Kimble Richardson, a licensed mental health counselor with the Community Health Network, said at this time of year it can be easy to fall into depression.

“When we have less light, which is what we do in Indianapolis during the winter, people can get a little more depressed and even depressed for some people,” Richardson said.

Richardson said there are things you can do to try to fix this problem.

“It’s really a mindset change, and in some cases it can be as effective or more effective than medication alone,” Richardson said. “Thinking about what you are doing has some of the positive aspects of your life, versus the negative aspects, is really a practice. You might think about what you are blessed or grateful for.”

That’s exactly what Mozel Sanders hopes to do for Thanksgiving.

“We’re not going to let a bird stop us from flying per se,” Sanders said.

The deadline to request a Thanksgiving meal delivered from Mozel Sanders has passed, but they will still be offering hot meals at various locations around town.

When locations and times are released, we’ll update this story.

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