Silver Lining Ride takes on the elements on day three



A tough day on the road saw the Silver Lining Ride arrive in Echuca late Sunday afternoon with riders sweaty and ready to rest after their biggest day of cycling.

But the challenge continues to be worth it, as the fundraiser surpassed $ 100,000 to reach its goal of $ 150,000 that day.

The merry-go-round, now in its fifth year, raises vital funds and raises awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

The group traveled 160km from Swan Hill to Echuca on Sunday, after two days of 130km routes that started in Mildura on Friday.

The group will now continue their journey back to Melbourne over the next week, with Monday’s journey taking them 140 km to Yarrawonga.

Race co-founder Georgie Herbert said Sunday was a particularly tough day on the bike due to the elements.

“It was a long day and it was pretty hot,” she said.

“And the wind was going in the wrong direction for us today, it was in our face or on the side all day.

“But it’s an amazing group of people, the determination to stand up and do it and for such an amazing cause, it’s amazing.”

Ms Herbert said reflecting on the struggles her mother Mandy faced for 11 years battling ovarian cancer, prior to her passing in 2017, has helped her overcome hardships on the road.

“Thinking of her and thinking of the surgeries, the chemo, the drugs, it’s such a brutal cocktail to deal with, that a little wind, sun and hard pedaling really doesn’t compare to the wrestling that must lead a woman with ovarian cancer, ”Ms. Herbert said.

Originally planned as a “one-off and over” event in 2017, Ms. Herbert said she couldn’t be more proud of the ride’s growth in five years.

“We traveled to the New South Wales area and to the Victoria area, and the people were so generous and kind and committed to learning more about this form of cancer, which is not very aware. She said.

“To be able to educate these areas, to raise $ 140,000 in the first year, it really inspired us to think that there is something in there and that we have to keep going.”

This is the second time that the route has passed through Echuca, after its first arrival in 2019.

More than 100 cyclists are also participating in the race virtually this month, tasked with covering 1,068 km during the month of November for (on average) every life lost to ovarian cancer each year.

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