THC Therapeutics Explores Silver Market Entry as an Online Precious Metals Reseller



THCT studies a unique strategy in the precious metals industry with a particular focus on silver assets

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / May 26, 2021 / THC Therapeutics, Inc. (THCT), a state-of-the-art, publicly traded technology company with a mission statement “Better Health Through Nature Science” is pleased to announce today that the company is considering entering the precious metals industry as an online and physical precious metals trader * engage in the retail and B2B sale of silver bullion.

The company is exploring the possibility of forming a subsidiary under the name THCT Silver to engage in the retailing of physical precious metals, primarily silver bullion. The development of this subsidiary and the subsequent entry into the precious metals market as an online precious metals dealer is a possible part of THC Therapeutics’ revenue development strategy.

The company would operate these businesses through a wholly owned subsidiary, THCT Silver, which would be designed as an online precious metals merchant * open to the public and specializing in business-to-business customer relationships. THC Therapeutics has been accumulating physical money since February 2021. The company plans to continue to acquire physical silver and increase the volume of physical silver held on the company’s balance sheet over time.

The company is not aware of any other publicly traded company outside of the mining space that holds physical silver as an asset. THCT believes that there is an opportunity to sell silver to publicly traded companies for the purpose of allowing them to diversify their liquidity.

We understand that there are publicly traded companies such as Tesla and MicroStrategy that now hold bitcoin / cryptocurrency as assets. While this can be a great idea, we prefer silver, which is a physical asset that many industrial applications require. Our founder and CEO, Brandon Romanek, has over 15 years of experience as a dealer in the precious metals market. Thanks to the long-standing relationships developed by Mr. Romanek, we believe he has the potential to facilitate large transactions for physical money at very competitive prices and low premiums compared to the market.

Brandon Romanek, founder and CEO of the company, said: “I received positive feedback from shareholders of THCT after we announced that we were holding physical money. Due to the early signs of shareholder interest, we further assessed the opportunities that might be available in relation to precious metals, and we assessed the possibility of selling silver to other listed companies, which would allow them to convert part of their cash holdings into money. In my opinion, it may be beneficial for some companies to diversify their liquidity to protect against the continued devaluation of fiat currencies, possible hyperinflation, global instability and other potential vulnerabilities. Silver, unlike almost all other assets, has been used as money for over 4,000 years and in industry for over 100 years. “

“Several large banks and institutions have agreed to pay substantial settlements in the lawsuits brought against them on charges of manipulation of the precious metals market and the illegal practice known as ‘spoofing.’ This manipulation could end with a move proportional to the price of silver. Silver reached a price of $ 50 / oz in 1980, which would equal over $ 100 per ounce today after adjusting for inflation. Since the start of the year, an ongoing campaign known as ‘SILVER SQUEEZE / SILVER SHORTSQUEEZE’ with individual investors and groups, such as those on Reddit, Twitter, WallStreetBets and WallStreetSilver, who are believed to have contributed to the changes in markets. the landscape of the money market. Meanwhile, the demand for physical silver has increased to the point that many bullion traders have been unable to respond to orders quickly. Silver has always been purchased by the 50+ age group, and now there may be an increase in demand from the younger generations contributing to the overall increase in demand. This overall increase in demand has generally resulted in increased premiums and lead times for many precious metal traders. “

“My over 15 years of experience in the precious metals industry can enable THCT Silver to source physical silver and receive prompt delivery at competitive prices. It has long been a personal goal to get as much money as possible into the hands of buyers. Because more people buy, sooner rather than later, this could have the potential to EXPOSE THE MANIPULATION OF LONG DECADES OF THE SILVER MARKET, so that a real price discovery can finally happen!“concluded Mr. Romanek.

* Be licensed as a Reseller of Pre-Owned Precious Metals by Mail in the State of Florida which should allow online resale of physical precious metal bullion and other commodities.

About THC Therapeutics Inc

THC Therapeutics, Inc. (THCT) is focused on the development of its patented dHydronator®, a sanitizing herbal dryer. The main function of the dHydronator® is to dramatically speed up the drying time of cannabis while disinfecting it. The dHydronator® can be used to dry a variety of herbs; it has been specifically tested for use with cannabis, and it can reduce the drying time of cannabis from 10 to 14 days to less than 14 hours. The Company may also focus some of its future operations on participating in cannabis testing laboratories and developing personal wellness centers. The Company is seeking partnerships in the cannabis and health / wellness sectors in the United States and Canada, in addition to the development of the Company’s products in the cannabis industry.

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