The dark ending to The Mist has a silver lining, according to Sam Witwer [Exclusive]



As David breaks down in the street after losing everyone who mattered to him, he spots Melissa McBride’s character in a military transport. At the start of the film, she is one of the first people to walk in the mist, as she is afraid to leave her youngest children home alone to fend for themselves. In a shocking turn of events at the end, she was seen safe and sound with her two children in tow.

In an exclusive interview with Eric Vespe of /Film, itself from our screenwriter’s spectacularly detailed description oral history On Darabont’s film, “The Mist” star Sam Witwer explains how he sees the survival of McBride’s character as a light at the end of the tunnel:

“I find the ending oddly uplifting because there’s another movie that happened and that was his movie. We just haven’t seen his movie. His movie was a movie of extraordinary bravery and we got to see the bright side of hope coin in his film, but we haven’t seen his film.”

Although Witwer’s Private Jessup doesn’t live to see a happy ending, like the terrifying Marcia Gay Harden Mrs Carmody convinces enough people to make the soldier a sacrifice to outer beasts, I understand how he could see it that way. You’d think the sight of McBride’s unnamed character with his family intact would lessen some of the pain, but David’s depression is no less heartbreaking. If anything, it only makes you feel worse. It would be one thing if he had to grieve on his own, but seeing McBride come out on the other side is like salt in the family wound.

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