The “Share Your Silver Lining” campaign returns to shed a positive light in the community



FERGUS – After having a successful launch earlier this year, Claire Knight and Jenn Price are bringing back “Share Your Silver Lining,” a social media campaign that allows people to share positive moments in their lives.

“We all need to work together to support local small businesses and inspire our community to focus on the positives during this difficult time,” said Price.

Share Your Silver Lining launched in Wellington County in January and has proven to be a huge success with support from the community, businesses and local media, the duo explained.

“It was phenomenal,” Price said of the participation. “I think at that point… the message about sharing something unexpectedly positive was really, really well received across the community.

“Along with this support from and for local businesses, I think everyone really embraced the glimmers of positivity among all the negative things that were happening.”

The initiative was launched to encourage the community to focus on supporting local businesses and for community members to “share their assets”.

This includes personal stories of positive things that have happened to them, their families or within the community over the past year, while also raising funds and raising awareness for mental health through the Association. Canada for Mental Health (CMHA), explained Knight and Price.

The social media campaign was relaunched in October and will run until February 2022 this time around.

Each week, a local business in the Fergus and Elora area will be promoted and hand out a giveaway that will be raffled each Friday to everyone who has shared their story or made a donation to CMHA through @ShareYourSilverLining.

Knight said the idea for the campaign originated during one of the couple’s physically distant business meetings.

“Talking about how everyone is so negative and it’s been going on for so long and we have to generate some positivity,” she explained.

“And we talked about all of our friends and neighbors who had local businesses in Center Wellington that were suffering and how we could do something to boost people’s morale and get people to get into local businesses.”

Knight said that even though businesses were closed part of the time during closings, they found a way to still present them.

“We made videos outside of their companies and we were really trying to think outside the box on how we could help and how we could generate buzz within the community not just for the positive side of things… and for helping with community mental health, but also with local businesses and getting people back to those businesses or even supporting them with curbside pickup. “

“So this time around we’re also focusing on local businesses and shining a light on them, but we can actually go a little bit more indoors now,” Price added.

She noted that this time around, instead of showcasing a new business every week, they’ll be rolling them out every three weeks to give businesses more time to share their stories and share on their own social media to get a wider reach. of people.

“We plan to go until the end of February, which gives us a chance to really have a more in-depth type of content related to the community and local businesses,” Price explained.

At the end, instead of having just one grand prize, she noted that they will have a selection of prizes from each of the campaign’s partner companies.

“It’s our free time, it’s our passion project and we’re both very busy in our businesses as well, so we need to make sure we have the bandwidth for everything and make it really good stuff.” , Price said.

Knight said they would focus on new Wellington Center businesses and businesses that had never participated before.

“We really want to help promote new businesses, because starting a new business at this point can be difficult and that’s our goal, but also other businesses that haven’t had the opportunity to participate,” she explained.

The campaign is already underway, showcasing his first business, and Knight said there will be a few more before Christmas, adding that they are really excited about it.

“It really creates a lot of support for the community and positivity in our community as well,” she said.

“We really hope that people will really dig deep and think about the positive things that have happened during this continued period of” there have been a lot of things that we have had to deal with as individuals, as families. , as communities, as business owners, ‘”Price added.

“We really want people to hold back and reflect and think about the positive things and really like embracing the positive stories of others as well and to be aware of those people who have opened and supported a small business during such a difficult time and are really making a concerted effort. support each other in all ways.

To see what local businesses have been up to, visit the Share Your Silver Lining social media page at or visit the Instagram page @Shareyoursilverlining and use the #ShareYourSilverLining.

For those looking to donate or access mental health resources, visit

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